Yonex BG - 80 | A Premium String

Multifilament string.


Its ultra thin gauge gives players greater power for smash shots. Yonex BG-80 is a high repulsion string that offers favourable control with a distinctive hitting sound. Best suited for competitive or offensive players.


Gauge: 0.68mm

Colours: Yellow | White | Blue | Black | Pink

£17 per racket

Yonex BG - 80 Power

Hard feeling, powerful & good tension retention.


A powerful badminton string with outstanding tension retention. High Modulus Vectra Fibre is coilded

around the multifilament construction which reduced string movement and allows string to hold tension for longer.


Gauge: 0.68mm

Colours: Orange | White

£18 per racket

Yonex BG - 65 TI | A Great All Rounder

Multifilament string.


With a compound titanium hybrid coating providing a sharp but comfortable feel at impact. Designed with hard hitters seeking maximum feel and durability.


Gauge: 0.70mm

Colours: Red | White | Pink | Navy

£15 per racket

Yonex BG - 66 Force | Special Coated

Comes with a special coating that increases repulsion power for even more power on smashes. It is based on the Yonex BG66, which is Yonex’s thinnest multi-filament in a 0.65mm thin gauge


Gauge: 0.65mm

Colours: Yellow  | White

£18 per racket


I keep a stock of Yonex super grap grips. 


£2.50 for supply and fit per racket.

Bumper Strips / Grommets

As a matter of course, I inspect and change individual grommets, free of charge, unless excessive in which case I will discuss further.

Additional String Options

Additional string options and colours are available, please contact me with specific requests

Order A Restring

To request a restring, please fill out your information below.

Collection or Drop Off

Collection And Drop Off


I can collect and return your racket(s) from your home or place of work if within 15miles of Rolvenden, Kent for a fee of £10.

Drop Off

We can arrange for you to drop your racket off and collect it - please contact me for drop off locations.